Innovate with the latest market technologies.
SSP works with the latest generation of equipment and machinery able to guarantee the highest standards of production at both domestic and international level.
Trust in the excellence and quality of our services.
SSP means commitment and professionalism, qualities that are necessary to get results and build long term relations with our clients and suppliers.
Get updated with our work processes.
SSP high quality competitive work processes based on quality, flexibility, confidentiality and the everyday improvement with the main goal of capitalizing all our resources to the top /maximum.
Invest in the best way of production.
SSP knows the real meaning of doing things right. That is why SSP considers that is essential for the growth of the business to take action at the right time in the right way.
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Visit our booth Z-D40, Za┬┤abeel 2 located in Argentina pavilion.
Should you want to arrange a meeting in our booth please do not hesitate to contact us,
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