Highly productive 100% irrigated seed production corn seed, sunflower seed, sorghum Seed, pea seed, lentl seed.

We care of your seed production ear corn drying, granel drying, seed conditioning, treating and bagging.

Getting the seeds where they need to be, when it needs to be there domestic and exports logistics services.

How we can serve you

What it means to be our customer

Our promise

To produce the highest quality products for your brand in a cost effective manner while providing personalized service.

Our tradition

As a company and within our employee base, we have been in seed production for multiple generations and use this breadth of knowledge and experience to your benefit.

About Us

SSP is a fully independent, custom seed production company of the highest quality, since 2002.

Fully Integrated

Seed production with customized service to meet customer's specific needs.

High-Yielding Environment

We Produce seeds on 100% irrigate hectares with long-term relationships with growers, contractors, land owners. In the highest quality soils of Argentina.